When it comes to bizarre and shocking viral videos, none can compete with the popularity of snakes.

Snakes go viral on social media almost every week. From an epic battle between a python and a crocodile to homeowners finding venomous snakes in their toilet bowl, new reptile stories surface on websites and social media platforms every week.

However, a particular kind of snake videos are most viewed and shared by social media users. The ones that involve another animal.

But if a video shows the prey is fighting back bravely, it will certainly wow netizens around the world.

Such footages are rare but the Internet is an ocean of bizarre things.  In March, a video that was filmed over 11 years ago, stunned desi netizens. It captured the moment when a tiny woodpecker confronted a 10-foot snake to save her eggs.

Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda had shared the video with the caption, “All the forces on this planet, will never beat that of a mother’s love. Woodpecker saving its chicks after a fierce air duel with the snake.”

Nanda has shared another snake video his week. This one, however, shows a much more intense battle.

The video shows the moment when a brave monkey stood up to a king cobra and battled the serpent.

“Monkey fighting a King Cobra & coming out triumphant.One of its kind. ( Free wild from chains & cages. Forest is their rightful place),” Nanda wrote on Twitter.


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